This is a blog about a Sims 3 Legacy challenge. It’s not completed and I decided to end updating this blog 21th September 2010. Please read if you like to, and visit my new blog at: pollysims.blogspot.com!

If you want to read the story from the beginning, read first chapter about how Christine moves to Riverview>>

About the player, story maker and blogger

Me, who blog this is a 34 year old girl, living in Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve played the Sims 3 since the game was released in summer 2009. In contrast to many other Sims fans I’ve never played Sims 1 or 2 (except for trying Sims 2 breifly before I bought Sims 3). When I started this blog I decided to write in English, since the English speaking Sims community is so much larger than the Swedish.


29 responses to “Home

  1. We have the same problem then, I am swedish as well.

    (Men jag är bara 17 år… Så det här är jäkligt svårt 😛 Men engelska är ett mycket bättre språk att skriva på, större publik och mycket bättre flyt)

  2. After reading 8 or so chapters I would say you don’t have to worry about your writing. If you had not stated that English wasn’t your first language I wouldn’t have known.

  3. Baucom Legacy

    Yeah, your english is good. I didn’t notice it either untill I read the post.

  4. Hey Polly. Loving the legacy and have just realised your from Stockholm!!! I live in the UK but my family is from Orebro in Sweden and my boyfriend is from Stockholm. Love speaking to fellow Swedes xxxx

  5. OMG your dad comes from Orebro. I go back there around twice a year. The world is certainly a small place. Kul att det är fler svenskar här! (nice to have more Swedes on here)

    Hope you get your game sorted soon x

  6. I love your legacy! Could you check out mine? theashemorelegacy.wordpress.com

  7. carebear728

    Hey, you have my old legacy The Jenson Legacy but I have a new one would you mind adding me…TheLegendlegacy.wordpress.com

  8. Hey, I found your blog and I love it. I love your sims and the story lines. Can you check out my legacy blog and comment?


  9. sims3rocks

    I love your legacy, your cc is great, and I’m glad your game is working. My game just recently went back up and running after the new Sims patch.
    If you wouldn’t mind could you check out my legacy: http://thecadencelegacy.wordpress.com, I would so appreciate it, thanks!

  10. whyisyouremailrequired?

    O.M.G, your swedish! I would have never guessed!

  11. Hope you are well. Haven’t been able to play the sims for quite a while but have started a new legacy now (on my new computer), hope you will enjoy it.
    //ByronBlue, the author of Utopia. http://colmore.wordpress.com/

  12. Hey Polly!

    New chapter up on my blog, be great if you can check it out! 😀

  13. Calandie

    Hej, jag är kompis med dig på sims 3 hemsidan och såg att du hade skapat ett hus där det var bilder som du tagit själv genom att trycka C, jag vill gärna göra så också när jag laddar upp hus/simmar och undrar hur man gör… Du kan mejla till min “gubbe” på sims 3 hemsidan om du har lust att svara på min fråga 🙂

  14. Scereulge


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    I determined that I need to get involved and communicate with the other people here.
    I’m expecting to interact with a lot of intriguing people today and discover some wonderful stuff.

    Hopefully this message didn’t end up in the wrong section. I aplogize if this is incorrect.


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  15. Hi! I’ve read your legacy, it’s awesome! I’m swedish too, I don’t see other swedish people in the sims community very often 🙂

    Det var bara det jag ville säga 😉

    // fluffypinkunicorn http://cherielegacy.wordpress.com

  16. Hey I love your legacy! It’s really good!
    I have a legacy too, if you want to check it out! Thanks!
    I’m not very far on it yet, but I’m waiting for a few more readers to continue!

  17. sophie

    I am Swede + Norge + Africans and heaps more. HI FIVE!

  18. Freddiepbyfinder

    Привет Ledsen som inte kan skriva där, men jag får ett felmeddelande när jag försöker logga felet Jawa , hur man fixar det?

  19. Kaylahpappalou

    Det är synd att jag inte kan delta i diskussionen nu. Jag äger inte den nödvändiga informationen . Men detta tema mig väldigt mycket intressen.

  20. Janiranor9683

    Kan inte skriva i ämnet , men jag har en krokig din webbplats visas i webbläsaren , Mozilla , ge råd varför?

  21. unnamed

    wow ! super!

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